12 August

Six Former Administrators Urge Complete Overhaul

Six former EPA heads from Republican and Democratic administrations joined over 100 ex-employees in a sweeping report on how a future administration should revitalize environmental protection, promote scientific expertise and remove political intrusion from agency decisionmaking. The report, "Resetting the Course of EPA," released by the nonpartisan Environmental Protection Network, argues the Trump administration has depleted EPA of credibility, scientific integrity and, ultimately, its core mission of protecting human health and the environment. Although it [...]

6 June

Now More than Ever, Our Health Depends on Access to Clean Water

BY JANE KENNY & MARK MAURIELLO, NJ SPOTLIGHT Medical experts tell us that the best defense against the coronavirus (and many other illnesses) is to wash our hands with soap and water.These days, the minute we walk in the house, we head to the sink for a vigorous scrub. We also rely on running water for drinking, cooking, sanitation and hygiene every day; sheltering at home 24/7 only heightens its importance. But not everyone has [...]

19 March

Virus Could Bite Into Environmental Enforcement: Ex-Officials

BY STEPHEN LEE & AMENA H. SAIYID, BLOOMBERG ON 03-19-2020 The new coronavirus pandemic that is sharply curtailing Americans’ activities may soon limit field inspections from the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers, former federal officials say. Over time the national self-quarantine “would obviously start to cramp inspections as everyone is being advised to avoid social contact,” said Eric Schaeffer, the former director of EPA’s Office of Civil Enforcement under the Clinton and George W. [...]

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