BIPARTISAN GROUP LAUNCHES TO PROTECT AMAZON: A bipartisan group of former Cabinet officials and climate negotiators is pressing the Biden White House to protect Amazon rainforests, issuing a spate of policy recommendations Congress and special climate envoy John Kerry can take to mobilize $20 billion. The group’s recommendations call for invoking public and private funding, trade, supply chains and diplomacy.

Dubbed The Climate Principals, it includes Bruce Babbitt, former Interior secretary under President Bill Clinton; William Reilly, former EPA administrator under President George H.W. Bush; Todd Stern, former special envoy for climate change during the Obama administration; and Christine Whitman, former EPA chief under George W. Bush; as well as Tim Wirth and Frank E. Loy, undersecretaries of state for global affairs in the Clinton administration, and Stuart Eizenstat, who led the U.S. delegation during the Kyoto talks.