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Future Regulatory Trends

Future Regulatory Trends


The Whitman Strategy Group was hired by a company that was considering investing in an air quality consulting firm. They turned to WSG to help them identify the long-term value of this consulting firm.


Relying on WSG’s unique policy and political expertise, we assisted our client in identifying and assessing trends and scenarios for regulatory, administrative, and legislative action under the Clean Air Act, as well as the future and mission of the U.S. EPA.


In a very short timeframe, WSG prepared a detailed summary of key federal policy and regulatory trends and observations related to clean air, including various scenarios dependent upon Presidential and Congressional election results, with a horizon of 5 years. We also engaged with the company’s Board of Directors to discuss our results and answer various questions. Our forecasting report played a significant part in the company’s decision to move forward and purchase the air quality consulting firm.

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