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Energy & the Environment

Energy & the Environment

> Regulatory Counseling and Engagement
WSG provides board-level advice on critical policy issues and regulatory/legislative environmental trends that can impact your business and investment strategies.
> Permitting Support and Planning
Get your project done faster and more efficiently. WSG works with federal and state regulators on complex permitting issues to support and accelerate energy projects.
> Energy Efficiency & Alternate Energy Solutions
Reduce energy demand, save money, and help provide for a more sustainable future by identifying energy efficiency improvements and clean energy technologies that are right for your business. We help companies maximize incentives from state and federal government for the installation and development of renewable energy systems.
> Clean Energy Promotion
Clean energy is on the rise, with consumers and businesses showing increased interest in this growing field. WSG helps companies and industries plan, design and promote the development and use of clean and green energy.

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