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When it comes to clean and safe water we're all in the same boat

by James Florio & Christine Todd Whitman, Star Ledger on 12-02-2018

It has been a rough year for New Jersey's water infrastructure. Every New Jerseyan has a stake in this issue, whether you are a parent pouring your child a glass of water, a firefighter or read more…

Whitman Strategy Group supports JWW in proposal to improve infrastructure

by WSG, Press Release on 10-23-2018

Whitman Strategy Group works together with Jersey Water Works to facilitate collaboration across sectors to transform New Jersey’s inadequate water infrastructure, with new proposal read more…

Christine Todd Whitman named amongst Founding Members of the Climate Leadership Council

by WSG, Press Release on 10-12-2018

In June 2017, the Climate Leadership Council announced its initial Founding Members, and there since has continued to add prominent opinion leaders, including Christine Todd Whitman read more…

Ex-EPA chief: Trump will pollute your air and make you pay for it

by Christine Todd Whitman, CNN on 10-04-2018

Former governor Christine Todd Whitman says we should be rooting for California regulators who have approved new measures to defend the state's vehicle emissions standard. read more…

Gov. Whitman: I'm glad to see Republicans recognizing climate change. Now they must do something

by Christine Todd Whitman, New Jersey Press on 10-01-2018

Republicans can stand for a clean environment and market principles. But we can't stand on the sidelines, says former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman read more…

Christine Todd Whitman: Oil industry is 'peddling misinformation' about electric vehicles

by Christine Todd Whitman, Yahoo! Finance on 06-29-2018

Transportation electrification is a really good idea, and electric vehicles are a superior product; that’s why they will replace the internal combustion engine - says former governor Christine Todd Whitman. read more…

Earth Day Bid 10: Experts offer planet prognosis

by Jeff D’Alessio, The News-Gazette on 04-22-2018

Is climate change really an issue? Yes, without a doubt...according to experts, who share their concerns for the future of our planet. read more…

Water Advocates Seek Public Backing For Massive Infrastructure Upgrade

by Jon Hurdle, NJ Spotlight on 12-04-2017

Jersey Water Works, a collaborative with some 350 members, wants to make water systems and their problems highly visible, even though they’re typically underground. read more…

Gov. Whitman and Mayor Baraka: 3 ways to ensure clean drinking water remains a priority

by C Todd Whitman and Ras Baraka, New Jersey Opinion on 05-01-2017

Former governor Christie Todd Whitman articulates the problems of old water infrastructure as well as viable solutions. read more…

Jersey Water Works - 2017 Work Plan

by Jersey Water Works on 03-24-2017

Jersey Water Works, the cross-sector collaborative focused on upgrading the state's water infrastructure, releases Work Plan for 2017. read more…

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