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Six Former Administrators Urge Complete Overhaul

by Kelsey Brugger, E&E News on 08-12-2020

Six former EPA heads from Republican and Democratic administrations joined over 100 ex-employees in a sweeping report on how a future administration should revitalize environmental protection, promote scientific expertise and remove political intrusion from agency decisionmaking. read more…

Now More than Ever, Our Health Depends on Access to Clean Water

by Jane Kenny & Mark Mauriello, NJ Spotlight on 06-09-2020

Strengthening our water infrastructure can spur economic activity during COVID-19 recovery, prevent compounded crises, and keep residents safe. read more…

Whitman Strategy Group remains open

by WSG, PRESS RELEASE on 03-24-2020

The Whitman Strategy Group remains open, and we are working full-time on behalf of our clients. read more…

Virus Could Bite Into Environmental Enforcement: Ex-Officials

by Stephen Lee & Amena H. Saiyid, Bloomberg on 03-19-2020

The new coronavirus pandemic that is sharply curtailing Americans’ activities may soon limit field inspections from the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers, former federal officials say. read more…

I'm a pro-business republican, but weakening the endangered species act will hurt us in the long run

by Christine Todd Whitman, Newsweek on 08-23-2019

Development is great, but at what price? Are we in a position to weigh the costs, and if so, are we entitled to decide for future generations? read more…

Former EPA leaders question agency’s direction under Trump

by Dino Grandoni and Brady Dennis, Washington Post on 06-01-2019

Past leaders of the Environmental Protection Agency, including officials from both Republican and Democratic administrations, criticize the agency’s shrinking size and ambition in recent testimony on Capitol Hill. read more…

Jersey Water Works Releases Its 2019 Work Plan

by Jersey Water Works, Press Release on 02-07-2019

Jersey Water Works collaborative releases 2019 work plan, detailing the projects its committees will tackle this year. read more…

It’s called a ‘rain tax.’ But will it really it help N.J. fight floods and stop pollution?

by Michael Sol Warren, nj.com on 02-07-2019

Last week, a bill aimed at managing stormwaters, and its pollution threat, was passed by state lawmakers. It now awaits Gov. Phil Murphy’s signature. read more…

Jersey City Briefs

by Al Sullivan, Hudson Reporter on 02-07-2019

The New Jersey Legislature in early January passed legislation which will enable local governments to create storm water utilities to help manage storm-related pollution and flooding. This legislation now goes to Gov. Murphy for his consideration. read more…

The importance of independent, unbiased data

by Christine Todd Whitman, The Hill on 01-24-2019

Conflict over facts is a roadblock that prevents people on both sides of the aisle from finding agreement. And in the long term, these disputes undermine Americans’ faith in government. read more…

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> Six Former Administrators Urge Complete Overhaul


> Now More than Ever, Our Health Depends on Access to Clean Water


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