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The Whitman Strategy Group has teamed up with TerraCycle, the world leader in the collection and recycling of post-consumer waste that otherwise would go to landfill or be incinerated.  A growing number of our corporate clients seek to reduce the amount of post-consumer waste they generate, and to advance circular (as compared to linear/one time use) solutions for their products and packaging. 

In most countries, only glass, paper, rigid plastics and certain metals are “recyclable”; everything else, from candy wrappers, toothbrushes, juice pouches, pens, cosmetic packaging, cigarette butts is “non-recyclable”.  The determining factor of what’s recyclable is not science, but rather economics. Practically every waste stream is recyclable, but it’s more economical to burn or landfill the waste, and make a new product or package, than it is to collect, sort, recycle and sell the recycled material.  

Working with manufacturers and retailers, TerraCycle provides a turnkey service whereby manufacturers can sponsor the collection and recycling of categories of waste they produce.  TerraCycle’s promotes the programs to generate consumer and retailer engagement, and the sponsoring companies become industry leaders in this important area of sustainability. We are pleased to now be integrating TerraCycle options into programs we’re developing for our clients, as part of their larger mission to advance sustainability and generate meaningful reductions in carbon footprint and emissions.

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