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Whitman Strategy Group supports JWW in proposal to improve infrastructure

by WSG, Press Release on 10-23-2018

As Honorary co-chair of the Jersey Water Works (JWW), former Governor Christie Whitman (alongside former NJ Governor James Florio) is committed to water infrastructure and the development of sustainable strategies and systems.

Whitman Strategy Group (WSG) works together with JWW to facilitate collaboration across sectors to transform New Jersey’s inadequate water infrastructure through sustainable, cost-effective solutions that provide communities with clean water and waterways. As part of this essential effort, JWW has offered a policy recommendation to the state government for the mainstreaming of ‘green streets’ in New Jersey.

Green streets use green infrastructure practices within the public right-of-way to manage stormwater, while preserving the primary function of a street as a conduit for vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders. Streets comprise a significant proportion of impervious cover in most communities and are a major contributor to stormwater runoff. 

As the frequency of heavy precipitation continues to increase, the need to more effectively manage stormwater is critical. Creating green streets is an opportunity for municipalities, counties and the state to improve stormwater management, which improves water quality, minimizes localized flooding, and provides many other benefits that create attractive streetscapes. 

The recommendation provides a conceptual framework for discussing the role of New Jersey state agencies in bringing green streets to the mainstream. A list of recommendations for the state is provided, classified into three categories: those that can be put into practice immediately, those that can be executed in a moderate amount of time, and others that require a longer implementation timeline. 

For further information on this proposal and to read the full recommendation by JWW, please follow the link HERE.


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