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Songdo IBD - GCF Announcement & Thank You

by Stan Gale on 10-25-2012

Dear Governor Whitman:

I am writing to thank you for your outreach to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.  Through the support we received from influential leaders here in the United States, we were able to strongly recommend Korea as the logical host nation for the Green Climate Fund Secretariat.  As you are aware, Korea won the board vote and the GCF Secretariat will relocate to Songdo IBD in 2013.  This is an important event for the Korean people, Incheon Metropolitan City, Songdo IBD and the major multinational corporations who have made long standing strategic investments in Korea.

The GCF Secretariat represents a genuine “game-changer” for Songdo IBD.  In just a few short days, the news of the GCF Secretariat has spurred a spike in residential sales. Commercial space and land sale negotiations already in progress have also been accelerated. 

As a member of the Gale International IAB, Songdo IBD would not be what it has become without your vision on crucial issues such as sustainability.  Further, with the Whitman Strategy Group’s contribution to the overarching sustainability platform in Korea, our great city is now having a transformative effect on thousands of citizens and workers.  With the GCF Secretariat locating to Korea, I have no doubt that the Songdo IBD model for sustainable development will be deployed to thousands of projects around the globe. 

With great appreciation,

Stan Gale

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