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50 People I Admire

by Monsignor William J. Linder, New Community Corpora on 12-31-2012

New Community Corporation founder Monsignor William J. Linder has launched the fourth part of an ongoing series that lists the humanitarian's top 50 most admirable individuals. read more…

The Next Big Thing in Nuclear Power: Going Small

by Jared Anderson, AOL Energy on 12-17-2012

Former Governor Christine Todd Whitman says that utilities will re-license existing plants as long as it's safe to do so – but the focus will be on SMRs. read more…

Former Gov. Whitman sees turning tide for Republican centrists

by Ben Geman, The Hill on 12-12-2012

Former Gov. Whitman says the public is ready for more action on climate change read more…

Christine Todd Whitman: Nuclear Energy Should Be Part of National Policy

by Meg Handley, US News & World Report on 11-12-2012

Christine Todd Whitman says that nuclear energy should be part of the national energy policy and that nuclear power is good for the environment as well as the U.S. economy. read more…

Climate Change Should Be Front and Center

by Christine Todd Whitman, New York Times on 11-07-2012

Christine Todd Whitman expresses concern over the need to reduce emissions. read more…

Songdo IBD - GCF Announcement & Thank You

by Stan Gale on 10-25-2012

GCF offers thanks to Christine Todd Whitman and announces Secretariat relocaction. read more…

Former Gov. Whitman Joins Call for Tighter Security At Chemical Plants

by Tom Johnson, NJ Spotlight on 06-13-2012

Broad-based coalition urges federal EPA to ensure plants and manufacturing facilities are safe from potential attack. read more…

Susan Barry Hazen, Expert in Chemicals and Pesticides, Joins WSG as Senior Advisor

by Admin on 09-05-2011

Susan Barry Hazen, an expert in the science and regulation of chemicals, pesticides and toxic substances, has joined Whitman Strategy Group (WSG) as a senior advisor specializing in TSCA-reform and green chemistry-related issues. read more…

Kathleen Callahan, Sustainability Expert and Former US EPA Deputy Administrator, Joins WSG as Senior Advisor

by Admin on 09-05-2011

Kathleen Callahan, a former Deputy Regional Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has joined Whitman Strategy Group (WSG) as a senior advisor and will focus on helping clients implement environmental stewardship and sustainability programs. read more…

IN PERSON; Hitting Ground Zero Running

by Jill P. Capuzzo, The New York Times on 01-27-2002

Jane M. Kenny, the new regional administrator for the federal Environmental Agency, tasked by boss Christie Whitman with overseeing the clean-up effort at the World Trade Center. read more…

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