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U.S. Energy Policy Needs to Set Goals Without Meddling

by By Christine Todd Whitman, The Wall Street Journal on 09-30-2014

Government should finally pass an energy policy that sets the goal of having a clean and green environment, says former governor Christine Todd Whitman. read more…

Fixing urban water infrastructure key for N.J.

by By James J. Florio and Christine Todd Whitman, nj. on 07-15-2014

New Jersey’s cities are experiencing a resurgence in popularity but to accommodate the workforce of the future, cities need robust infrastructure and New Jersey has fallen behind other regions in managing its infrastructure, particularly in read more…

Republican EPA Chiefs to Congress: Act on Climate

by Dina Cappiello, Associated Press on 06-23-2014

Top environmental regulators for four Republican presidents tell what many Republican lawmakers won’t: Action is needed on global warming. read more…

Republican former EPA chiefs press Congress to act on climate change

by Andrew Restuccia, Politico on 06-18-2014

Four Republican former EPA chiefs call on Congress to combat climate change, challenging GOP lawmakers’ hostility to measures that would rein in carbon pollution. read more…

Reagan, Nixon, and Bush Officials Push Congress to Act on Global Warming

by Jason Plautz, National Journal on 06-18-2014

Cabinet members from four Republican administrationsmake a plea for federal action to address climate change, citing new evidence that public opinion is shifting in favor of it. read more…

4 former Republican EPA chiefs laud power plant rule in Senate hearing

by Jean Chemnick, E&E News on 06-18-2014

Four former Republican U.S. EPA administrators praise climate change rule for existing power plants, in Senate hearing room. read more…

The Climate Is Changing. Republicans Need to Open Their Eyes Before It’s Too Late.

by Christine Todd Whitman, Politico on 05-14-2014

The American public ranks addressing climate change low on its list of priorities for Washington in spite of negative effects, both proved and reported. read more…

We can do better, still

by Christine Todd Whitman and Ron Kirk, The Hill on 04-25-2014

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman recognizes earth day as more than a day on the calendar, but a turning point when Americans came together and said, “We can do better.” read more…

Yes, the EPA Has the Power to Stop Climate Change

by Christine Todd Whitman, Politico Magazine on 02-23-2014

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman voices support for the Environmental Protection Agency in the face of upcoming legal challenges. read more…

Christine Todd Whitman making a case for nuclear power

by Javier E. David, CNBC on 02-14-2014

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman argues that as atomic power is gaining currency in the global energy market, nuclear should be considered part of the arsenal in the fight against global warming. read more…

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