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How climate change became so politicized

by Brian Mastroianni, CBS NEWS on 12-03-2015

Recent study shows that liberals are much more likely to report believing climate change has already begun, while conservatives are increasingly likely to say the opposite. read more…

Why Closing Nuclear Power Plants Is Short-Sighted

by Christine Todd Whitman, The Wall Street Journal on 11-16-2015

Christine Todd Whitman urges decision makers to reassess how electricity markets value the clean electricity produced by nuclear energy. read more…

Republicans & Democrats Agree: U.S. Security Demands Global Climate Action

by Press Release on 10-22-2015

U.S. Security recognizes the need for global participation in the fight against climate change. read more…

Why the U.S. should export nuclear power

by Christine Todd Whitman & Stephen Cheney, Fortune on 10-22-2015

Competition with Russia in the nuclear energy technology industry will continue to be an issue as Asian and European nations look for carbon-free energy options like nuclear power. read more…

Whitman Strategy Group Joins MER Advisory Board

by Press Release on 10-16-2015

New US Ship Recycling Venture Employing Advanced Technology to Exceed Environmental Regulations read more…

Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords launches new gun control initiative

by Bill Theobald , USA Today on 10-08-2015

The Women’s Coalition for Common Sense will feature a national advisory committee that includes former secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman and former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, among others. read more…

Q&A: Former Gov. Whitman on Nuclear's Promise – and its Limits

by Alan Neuhauser , U.S. News & World Report on 09-28-2015

Former New Jersey governor and EPA administrator Christie Whitman discusses the role of nuclear power in today's world. read more…

Whitman Strategy Group Partners visit Duke Farms

by Admin on 09-09-2015

The Whitman Strategy Group partners recently took a bike ride around the Duke Farms estate. read more…

Terrestrial Energy Announces Appointment of Former EPA Administrator to International Advisory Board

by PRESS RELEASE on 06-11-2015

Terrestrial Energy announces that it has appointed Christine Todd Whitman to its International Advisory Board. read more…

25 of the Most Powerful Voices on Climate Change Brought to You by The Weather Channel

by Anastasia Pantsios , Eco Watch on 06-10-2015

The Weather Channel brings 25 of the most powerful voiced on climate change to the fore with the launch of a new media package. read more…

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